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Grand Round
Grand Round: Improving the management of alcohol dependence for patients admitted to Mental Health Inpatient Units
The Faculty of Addictions Psychiatry and the West Midlands Division have teamed up to examine the loss of addiction expertise in psychiatry. The issue is particularly timely as the requirement of the new GMC curriculum (starting August 2022) is for all CT1-3 trainees to demonstrate competence in the assessment and management of addiction.

The webinar will explore the project in detail and include a presentation of PoMH data from 14 a,b,c) management of alcohol withdrawal in IP units and trends since 2014. An overview of local data sets will also be presented.

Speakers: Professor Subodh Dave, Dr Julia Sinclair, Dr Ed Day, Dr Zafar Iqbal, Dr Muhammad Gul, Dr Alina Braicu, Dr Deepa Bagepalli Krishnan, Dr Abdul Raoof


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